Support Your Local Small Businesses During COVID-19

With the continued spread of COVID-19, people are once again staying inside. Social distancing and self-quarantining have become societal norms, which is crucial to containing the spread of the virus. However, its having a disastrous effect on small businesses, especially the restaurant industry. In a recent Instagram post by chef and cookbook author, Gail Simmons, she says “Its hard to underestimate the sheer grit and hustle of independent restaurants in this circus of a year. Even in, no ESPECIALLY in their most challenging and dire moments, faced with seemingly endless restrictions and closures and inclement weather, they have tightrope walked, leaped through rings of fire and performed death-defying acrobatics. All to serve us a warm meal, to keep their lights on and their doors open, perhaps a few of their staff employed.” Yes, there’s light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel but how quickly we’ll get there is anyone’s guess. So, stop by Vicky’s Burger for takeout, leave a little larger tip than you would normally and let’s do whatever we can to make sure these small local establishments survive to see another year. Also, visit to do your part to help save local restaurants.

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